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About Us

Blackbeard Coffee Roasters is a small batch coffee roastery located in the heart of Greenville, North Carolina in the burgeoning Downtown District. As a brand, Blackbeard seeks to tie classic coffee traditions in with the latest specialty coffee trends and technology. Each batch of coffee is hand roasted in Greenville. Batches are closely watched by artisan roasters who leverage the latest industry technology to digitally monitor and log each roasted batch. Baristas carefully hand make coffee and tea drinks in a bright, modern downtown storefront.

As a brand, Blackbeard strives to capture the adventurous spirit of the local community by providing fresh roasted coffee, challenging the status quo established by national coffee chains. The company started out small, roasting batches one pound at a time which were sold at local markets and fairs. In response to customer demand, Blackbeard has grown with the city of Greenville and its loyal customers to become a

substantial commercial wholesale and retail operation with a brick and mortar location on Greenville’s Fifth Street, just a block away from East Carolina University’s main